The Usos vs. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins (The Shield) Live Online Streaming

A recent poll asking who could dethrone Raw Day's new champion Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins drew the attention of Uso Penitentiary goalkeepers. Jimmy & Jey, which holds only 10% of the polls to date, responded on Twitter, prompting Seth "Freakin" Rollins to answer.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Usos has introduced this idea. After winning their first SmackDown Tag Team title, the twins SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan applied for a cross-fire fight with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson at WrestleMania, while Team Blue titles were not defended. to the show. This match did not happen, but it's safe to say that the best tandems from Raw have not been there since the first day.

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With 'Smackdown Live', the preparation for pay-per-view 'Hell in a Cell' and an upcoming upcoming Shield Meeting, WWE has uploaded a video on their official YouTube channel, on The Rhodes Brothers' WWE Tag Team Championship The defend. Shield and Usos.

For several reasons, this game is relevant today. Usos will contest the day of hell in a cell for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are the champions of the Raw Tag Team. Roman Reigns on "Raw" is also very possible and extremely annoyed that they will meet to some extent with "TLC" later this year. Finally, Cody signed an exclusive Ring of Honor contract. While WWE will host "Starrcade" this year in North Carolina, Goldust and Road Dogg have shown interest in Cody, who is working with PP Goldust against another team.
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So, now is a match between the Usos against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins on the Survivor Series 2017 planned. So do not forget to see it.

The Usos vs The Shield (Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose) Promo :

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