The Miz vs. Baron Corbin Live Online Streaming : Watch Full Match

When Intercontinental Champion The Miz with American Champion Baron Corbin collides with the WWE Survivor Series, he will prove that the lineage of the brand is deep ... even if superstars are not always enthusiastic about their brand .

The Miz fight and Baron Corbin in the WWE Survivor Series for the supremacy of the brand and follow in a similar but unique way to compete. Although both champions have their own charm, everyone has serious problems with management. Corbin has repeatedly clashed with live Smackdown Shane McMahon and brass band Daniel Bryan just recently against Raw General Manager Kurt Angle at WWE TLC: took matching charts, scales and chairs in a 5-on-3 Handicap TLC furious.

So who bears the title is his most strongly represented brand? Find out when this champion vs. champion game goes in the WWE Survivor Series and Sunday, November 19 is transmitted at 7 ET / PT 4 live on the WWE Network.

What is the story?

The Miz has just cut a brutal promo on Baron Corbin on Twitter. Corbin had sent him a message the week before Smackdown Live's invasion of Raw, where he had talked about destroying Raw's locker room and advising the Miz to stay home and "continue playing with his wife." ,

Miz's answer was late, but when she arrived, it was brutal. This reminded Corbin and WWE fans how much Miz is on promotion and why it's best not to fight him in a promo fight.

In case you did not know ...

SmackDown Live stormed Raw last week and devastated Rav's dressing room, removing the stars. Miz was not there at the time, but Corbin sent him a message on Twitter.

Miz and Baron Corbin will compete in the Survivor series, representing Raw and SmackDown Live as champions of the intercontinental and US. Both started the word war early on Twitter.

The heart of the problem

The Miz is known for its brutal shoot promos. Baron Corbin would have had to think twice before leaving to insult him on Twitter while The Miz returned with a brutal response.

His response to Twitter began with a compliment because he said it was "the best promo" Miz had ever seen cut by Corbin. He went on to say that it was strange when it was the Miz Cup promos it was still in front of a huge crowd and millions at home in a WWE ring. The best promo from Corbin comes from an iPhone video on social networks.

He added that for The Miz, the Survivor Series game was not Raw vs. Smackdown Live, but the Intercontinental Championship was WWE's most important and prestigious title. He called Corbin a "tough guy on Twitter" and said that the US championship has "worked overtime" to make Corbin relevant.

He went on to say that for The Miz, Corbin was nothing but another "great generic" who would have gone in two years.

He ends the promo by warning Corbin that if he talks about Maryse again, he'll beat his teeth in the throat.

Watch The Miz vs. Baron Corbin full promo here:

And then?

Raw is almost back and Raw's stars will be looking for SmackDown Live this time if they decide to invade.

Miz and Baron Corbin will face the US champions Survivor Series in an intercontinental championship match.
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