Jinder Mahal vs AJ Styles : WWE Championship Full Match Watch Online

The maiden title of Jinder Mahal as WWE champion was suddenly interrupted by AJ Styles at the European stage of SmackDown Live in Manchester. This was the first time since 2003 when the WWE title changed when Brock Lencer defeated Kurt Angle.

Mahal, who challenged Lesnar, the world champion, the Survivor Series, was to appear before the Beast incarnation at the November pay-per-view party in the game Champion vs. Champion.

But with the Styles that won their second WWE title, he becomes the 51st WWE champion, and Phenomenal seems to have assembled a blockbuster with Brock Lesnar, who will launch the Internet battle community into insanity. Mahal held the title for 170 days.

Mahal took the initiative at the beginning of the game, and in general, it was a worthy match of both artists. Styles were sold off with crimes of Mahal, while Mahal looked at his heels well. The styles included the best insults, including the top rope plancha and 450. The styles hit the phenomenal forearm, but even before the Styles could come to an end, the Singh brothers Samir and Sunil saved the Taj; the duo suffered the weight of the Styles Nest later.
This allowed Mahal to recover, and he hit Hallas on the Styles and went on the cover. However, the Styles put their left foot on the lower rope to break the score. Violently, the Mahal picked up the Styles in an attempt to deliver Khallas from the top rope, but Stills objected, putting the Mahal face first in the top rope, and then struck the Phenomenal forearm to win his second WWE strap.

Watch Online Jinder Mahal vs AJ Styles : WWE Championship Match 

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